Today, 12th June, was the first Quest monthly meeting since our minister and friend the Rev. Bill Bowman left Emmanuel – Bill was very much missed but the effect of his leaving was reduced by the brains of those who turned up today vis. Rev. Jack Beeson, Brodie Hunter, Josie Tuersley, Maureen Drury and Yours truly; just five of us – we had to make do since you lot stayed away.

Our “impromptu” thoughts led us to talking about how the early church, so very much, underestimated the benefit of women priests etc., working in the church and what a difference they would make; also, of those who don’t go to church, do the men think that it is a more of a “womanly thing” to do so; is that why, in most churches, women outnumber the men?  We discussed whether tattoos are a plus or a minus when it comes to influencing and impressing other people, given that so many regret it later on in life; ever adorning their bodies with them and needing two mirrors to look at their backs – we confessed to admiring the art work but thought that it would look better on a wall. We also talked about youngsters with special needs being criticised and made fun of by other youngsters, as if it was their own deliberate choice that they would need special medical treatment etc. as they grew older.

We talked about gender for a while; reminding ourselves that this discussion has been going on since early Old Testament times; also that God loves us all dearly as demonstrated by what Jesus did for us and by what the Holy Spirit does for us day by day.