Messy Church worldwide has over half a million people attending each month, across all  denominations, engaging with many who would not otherwise come to church. The core values are about being Christ – centred, for all ages and based on creativity, hospitality and celebration.

How do we get our ideas? Messy Church is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship who provide background theology and suggestions for activities through the internet, books and a magazine as well as seminars. And then anyone who has found something to work can post it for others to see, so we can build on these practical ideas. It is even more relevant now as we share things from all round the world that can be done at home.

Messy Church at Emmanuel always has a Christian theme or Bible story as the basis for each session and each activity is chosen to reflect this in some way, with a variety available for all ages. These include modelling and painting, crafts, food and cooking, games, large collage, toys, sand and water play, building and acting. We have had a talent show, Communion, learnt about our overseas charities, and held a cake stall at the Summer Fair. It was great to join with the whole church family and to provide drinks at Bill’s farewell and to engage with everyone at the Christingle. Often we watch a film, express prayer in a tangible way and sing.

Ruth and Pat depend hugely on the Messy Church team, Jim and Maureen, Colin, Terry, Jeanne, Pat Kinch, Nicky, Karen, Marion Hirst, Clare Crofts, Gill, Penny, Heather and Naledi and a number of other willing helpers. We welcome visitors who have helped using their special skills, value the input of HYPER members and it is great to see everyone joining in, giving and receiving.