Halls & Rooms Booking

We have a number of rooms and halls within the church building that are available for hire (shown in yellow below). The fees for using the halls are set at a level that covers the cost of maintenance, heat and light.

planTerms and Conditions
Our preference in letting the halls is towards groups and organisations that meet on a regular basis and with whom we can build a trusting relationship. We ask that the rooms be left in good order and that any breakages are notified.

Safeguarding Policy
Please also see our safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults.


To find out more please contact the Halls Manager (preferably via the email contact form) on the About Us page.

Richmond Hall

This is the largest of the halls and rooms and has a full size badminton court marked out on the floor. It is accessed via the halls entrance at the front (facing the High Street) entrance. It contains a number of stacking tables and chairs. Approximate size: 20m x 10m.

Griffiths Jones Hall (the Griff)

This hall is located at the front of the church by the Halls Entrance. Approximate size: 12m x 6m

Hewitt Room

This room is adjacent to the kitchen and there is a serving hatch between the two. It contains a number of tables and stacking chairs and is carpeted. Approximate size: 8m x 6m