‘Looking at Luke’ – an online exploration

Luke’s is the featured gospel for 2022. David will be leading a series of six online sessions entitled ‘Looking at Luke’, starting at 7pm, with a 30 minute (maximum!) length.

These will run on alternate Wednesdays, with each session having a one-off theme, so people can dip into an individual session, join a few or the whole series. There is no need to read passages in advance; the sessions may be viewed as a journey of discovery, but that doesn’t preclude anyone grabbing a cuppa, settling down and reading through the gospel in one, or a few sessions in advance, should you choose. That said, please be assured that no prior knowledge is needed, rather an interest or curiosity to explore and gain greater familiarity with his Gospel.

Time and date Theme
7pm Wednesday 12th January About Luke, his Gospel and motivations
7pm Wednesday 26th January Luke and the coming of Jesus
7pm Wednesday 9th February Luke’s manifesto
7pm Wednesday 23rd February Some of Luke’s interests
7pm Wednesday 9th March Travelling to Jerusalem
7pm Wednesday 23rd March Luke and the resurrection

For the zoom link please get in touch using the contact form.