Big Brew Coffee Morning

Friday April 6th in the
James Todd Room
10.00 am – 12.00 pm

The government has been persuaded to pledge that after Brexit, goods from the least developed countries will get duty free and quota free access to the UK market. They won’t face new tariffs which would have made their goods dearer and so less competitive.

However other relatively poor countries such as Ghana and Nigeria with developing but vulnerable industries are not included, Traidcraft Exchange believes this would be a massive missed opportunity to support development and address the root causes of poverty.

In the coming months, MPs will be debating legislation on trade and customs and Traidcraft Exchange is asking them to call for:

  • A duty and quota free market access scheme for all poor countries
  • To consider the impact of trade deals on poorer countries
  • Powers for parliament to scrutinise and ratify trade agreements

If you would like to support this campaign there is more information at  and  postcards to send to your MP are available in each vestibule.