Tender Care

In response to the Emmanuel Fellowship item in May Emmanuel Life when I suggested making a list of ways to occupy yourself through lockdown, Lilo Sutton sent the following photo of her orchid, saying “This little orchid was in a poor state, so I gave it lots of tender loving care”. Lilo was rewarded by buds opening, and now the flowers are in full bloom. She added a palm cross as a symbol of the hope we have in Christ, and placed the slip of paper from Marion Moore, with its tiny crocheted heart to remember that God loves her.

I think you will agree that Lilo has created a wonderful display to express her pleasure and reassurance of the love of God throughout these difficult days. This is a beautiful focus for meditation and reflection.

As the lockdown eases, we look forward to meeting again in September, when we will have suitable plans in place to ensure the safety of all our members who are able to attend meetings.

God bless you all and keep well.