Happy November and Happy Christmas. Yes, I know I’m a month early but I’m feeling a bit uninspired today, so I need to lighten my mood. We are in level 2 of the new measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus, which means reducing contact with other people. That is the very reason we have not opened the Fellowship as yet: we don’t want to risk the health of any of our members. It is heartbreaking, but it is to keep you safe.

I have to admit that the family Christmases I hoped to organise didn’t happen (see October Emmanuel Life). However, I’m not going to let that be a failure, nor am I going to focus on tradition. Christmas will always be there, whether it is in shared events, or in our hearts and minds. I think we focus too much on keeping to our traditions. Let’s remember Christ first, so that we follow his example, giving our time, expressing our love, showing we care, and telling people how much they mean to us.

As I write, I’m looking out the window and am reminded that the hours of daylight are decreasing: must make the most of them… (some time later) … Having just come back from my morning stroll, with a fairly strong breeze blowing light, refreshing rain onto my face, I feel invigorated. Now I know where to start.

I need something to lift my spirits, so how about a daily challenge involving exercise? That’s a good way to improve my health and wellbeing. Ok, I set myself a daily challenge to tidy my workroom/study. Having made that decision, I reward myself for the effort, and do a sudoku, read a book, watch the birds feeding in the garden, study the leaves turning to autumnal colours and eventually falling off the trees. Oh, another day over. Same routine tomorrow then!

How about a daily challenge for yourself? What will yours be?

Every blessing,

Sue Thomas