May 2021

What, May already? I hope you had a blessed Easter. Hands up if you’ve been to the hairdresser for the first time this year. How about seeing someone for the first time in months? Has anyone celebrated their birthday since the COVID restrictions were eased a little, allowing you perhaps a visit from family or friends? Well, my very best wishes to you.

The thing that has meant so much to me is being able to attend church in person as a member of the congregation. Zoom has been an incredible gift to us at Elmers End and Emmanuel churches as we have come together to worship God each week. But technology doesn’t beat actually being together sharing our love of God. Spare a thought for Reverend David Pickering, who has spent the whole of his ministry with us thus far, either talking to a camera or to a sea of masked faces. As members of the churches, at least we know each other and can ‘see’ behind the masks in our mind’s eye. Don’t be shy about sharing your appreciation and thoughts with David, he needs to get to know us all.

We still have no opening date for the Fellowship but look out for our item in the next issue of Emmanuel Life. Hopefully we may have better news then.

Blessings and good health to you.

Sue Thomas