Keep smiling

We do hope all members of our Fellowship are well and keeping their spirits up. It has been such a long time since March, when we were together. We miss our Tuesday afternoon meetings and the pleasure of each other’s company. Although the government has eased the lockdown, coronavirus is still with us and we must be extremely careful, especially if we are vulnerable. Numbers are strictly limited when meeting in groups, masks should be worn and distance maintained between people. Singing and loud conversations are not allowed indoors as they could spread the virus and it is so important that those over 70 are protected.

As a committee, we have prayerfully considered the implications of holding our meetings under these conditions and we came to the conclusion that it is not yet safe to open the Fellowship.  We will respond to changes as they are implemented by the government and when it is clear that the virus is not a threat, we will be able to begin meeting together as a group again.

We look forward to seeing you all when it is safe, so please stay well and get plenty of exercise if you can. Here’s one to start with…remember to exercise your sense of humour frequently. It keeps you smiling and that’s something we could all do more.

Every blessing.

Sue Thomas and the Fellowship Committee