February 2021

Dear All,

How have those New Year thoughts been developing? Have any of you got new oomph?  I’ve found a task to keep me busy for a few weeks: cutting our enormous hedge to size! It keeps me motivated, knowing there’s always a bit more to do.

I’m finding hope in this year too, although statisticians seem determined to cast our hearts and minds downwards. I have spoken to a number of people who have had their first, or even second COVID vaccination already. That’s fantastic! We still need patience, but the vaccine is coming to us all and I hope that will mean the COVID pandemic in the UK will soon be brought under control.  I think too of the struggles facing people in the United States and for the first time in my life I have taken an interest in the US Presidential Inauguration. I found President Biden’s speech lifted my spirits too. “Unity” was his catchword, and I sincerely hope it will be embraced and flourish in the hearts of the American people. Unity will also serve us well as we consider our fellow citizens, and live to preserve their lives, as much as we value our own.

With hope in mind, I have arranged a meeting for the Fellowship Committee, as we finally feel that there is just a chance that we will be allowed to reform our Fellowship later in the year. Don’t hold your breath for there is much to be done, and we still have to be very careful as the efficacy of the vaccines is not certain. We must not waste our days just awaiting the renewal of friendships, so let us all pray for one another and for all who are doing their best for our wellbeing day by day. How about phoning one person today to brighten their day? Who knows what joy you will reap in your own life?

Every blessing,
Sue Thomas