House Group

Emmanuel’s House Group meets at 10 Barnfield Wood Road, 7.45 pm
More information from Marion Moore, 020 8289 7760 or 07712 856071

Amos and Hosea part 3

We are going to continue looking at Amos and Hosea. They may have been addressed to the social and political situation of the 8th century BC but we have already discovered messages which resonate for us today as we worry about climate change. What might the story of a disastrous marriage have to say about … Continue reading Amos and Hosea part 3

September 3rd

Returning from our summer break, we’ll begin by reflecting on our sessions on Parables and then plan for our next study. If there’s a book of the bible which has always puzzled you, or an issue where you wonder, ‘What might the bible have to say about that?’ why not come along and share your … Continue reading September 3rd