Emmanuel Fellowship

Fellowship at Emmanuel. Tuesday afternoons at 2:15 in the Richmond Hall.
Everyone, both ladies and gentlemen, is welcome to our meetings.
Subs are £3 per person, so that we can continue to provide a variety of interesting speakers. Tea or coffee and biscuits are, of course, included in the price.

October 2021

Dear Friends,

Goodness me, we’re well into Autumn now. Sunny days as I write, but cooler weather awaits us, I’m sure. Best to dress up warm when you come to the Fellowship, as some windows will be open.

What joy to be meeting together again. David Pickering led our opening service on 14 September with affirmation of the value of fellowship: sharing, supping and caring are at the heart of who we are. Thank you David. We were proud to welcome you and introduce you to our group.

Entertainment was the order of the day on 21st, when Penny and Stephen Davies, accompanied admirably by Marion, Kieran and Heather Moore, brought us a musical extravaganza. Everyone left the meeting with a smile and a metaphorical spring in their step. Thank you all.

As I write, I’m looking forward to Miss Chris Davis bringing us stories of ‘Surprising Southwark’ on 28th September. I wonder what she has up her sleeve this time!

October is upon us and we begin the month with a chance to share. Please come on the 5th with something that’s special to you beginning with the letter ‘H’. If you feel a bit brave you can tell us about it. Not much courage needed, we won’t bite: we save our teeth for the biscuits after!

We’re all set for some rip-roaring tales of humour and possible intrigue from that excellent lady speaker Barbara Stevens, on the 12th. This time she will regale us with the ‘Trials and Tribulations of a Public Speaker’.

There will be no meeting on the 26th as it is half term.

We round off October on a trip to ‘Japan in Spring’: our host, the lovely Sue Henning.

So much to do and so little time. Do join us if you can. At £3 including a cup of tea, a biscuit and excellent company, it’s a real bargain, and it’s sure to lift your spirits. Looking forward to seeing you there.

p.s. On 2 November, Marilyn and Paul Boggust will bring us news of ‘Hospices of Hope’.

Sue Thomas


June 2021

It looks like the wait is nearly over. If progress continues with the roll out of the COVID vaccine and there are no more spikes in cases causing another lockdown, then we will be able to meet from September 14th. Yes, this year! There are still details to be considered by the committee, but we … Continue reading June 2021

May 2021

What, May already? I hope you had a blessed Easter. Hands up if you’ve been to the hairdresser for the first time this year. How about seeing someone for the first time in months? Has anyone celebrated their birthday since the COVID restrictions were eased a little, allowing you perhaps a visit from family or … Continue reading May 2021

February 2021

Dear All, How have those New Year thoughts been developing? Have any of you got new oomph?  I’ve found a task to keep me busy for a few weeks: cutting our enormous hedge to size! It keeps me motivated, knowing there’s always a bit more to do. I’m finding hope in this year too, although … Continue reading February 2021


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Happy November and Happy Christmas. Yes, I know I’m a month early but I’m feeling a bit uninspired today, so I need to lighten my mood. We are in level 2 of the new measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus, which means reducing contact with other people. That is the very reason we … Continue reading November


It’s October already. Can you believe it? I can hardly fathom where this year has gone. Luckily I have a diary that tells me more or less, everything I have done, otherwise it would feel like this year has been a big blank. Perhaps that is an insult to certain people. What memorable moments come … Continue reading October

Keep smiling

We do hope all members of our Fellowship are well and keeping their spirits up. It has been such a long time since March, when we were together. We miss our Tuesday afternoon meetings and the pleasure of each other’s company. Although the government has eased the lockdown, coronavirus is still with us and we … Continue reading Keep smiling

A Slower Pace?

Another month has passed by and I wonder how the time goes so fast. Surely in these restricted times it should drag. I’m not the only one who feels like that. My daughter suggests it’s because we are living life at a slower pace. I’m all for that. We can spend far too much of … Continue reading A Slower Pace?

Tender Care

In response to the Emmanuel Fellowship item in May Emmanuel Life when I suggested making a list of ways to occupy yourself through lockdown, Lilo Sutton sent the following photo of her orchid, saying “This little orchid was in a poor state, so I gave it lots of tender loving care”. Lilo was rewarded by … Continue reading Tender Care

Daily To-Do

Editor’s comments: Last month I forgot to include the details of the author of the ‘Isolation Wellbeing Daily To-Do List’, so please find below: Lindsay Braman describes herself as an artist, a therapist, an entrepreneur, and a translator between languages of the heart and mind. You can find more ways to improve your mental health … Continue reading Daily To-Do


As we still find ourselves in lockdown, and will be for the foreseeable future, I thought this list might give you daily focus. My daughter sent it to me and I have permission from Lindsay Braman to share it with you. Take it seriously, or have some fun with it. Just give it a try … Continue reading Lockdown