Top of the Pew Final


Congratulations to Emmanuel who have made it to the Final.

Marion Moore, John Urie, John Mackintosh and David Best played successfully against stiff competition from Bromley Methodist Church and won 63 to 51. Kieran Moore is back at Oxford and we thank him for being in the team in previous matches and helping Emmanuel get this far.

The team scored well in rounds on science and nature, history, food and drink, sport and games, and the Bible showing a knowledge of butterflies and crabs, varicella, motor racing and boxing, the wartime butter ration and Bible romances. Who knows how to play the card game chemin de fer? That was a question that foxed everyone.

The questions were very fair, written by Caroline Jenner from Cornerstone Church and delivered by Anthony Bayley, making for an absorbing contest with much merriment especially from the Emmanuel team.

Bromley Methodist Church gave us a warm welcome and our faithful supporters came to cheer. £85.60 was raised for the charity Bromley Homeless Shelter.

 The final is on Friday 22nd November 8pm at Emmanuel with Catherine Southon as Question Master and with the Mayor of Bromley Councillor Nicholas Bennett JP attending.

As our own team is playing do come along and support them. We wish them well.