Oberammergau 2020

Marion and I intend to lead a party to see the Oberammergau Passion Play when it is next performed in the year 2020. We are presently organising the trip through McCabe Travel with whom we have undertaken several successful pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Turkey and Greece in recent years.

More details will be available soon but we invite you to start thinking about it now and if you would like to accompany us in 2020 we invite you to express your interest and be among the first to book a place. It is likely we will be going in July or August as strangely enough prices are slightly cheaper at that time of year as Munich, where we fly to, is not a principal summer holiday destination. As well as seeing the famous Passion Play the trip will also incorporate a week in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol. Please feel free to speak to Marion or I if you have any questions at this stage.

Estimated Passion Play 2020 Timeline:


Beginning of 2018: Start sales of packages *

Ash Wednesday 2019: The “Hair Decree” – from this date on all the men in Oberammergau taking part in the play are requested to let the hair on their heads and faces grow *

April 2019: Leading actors are chosen for the play

* May – September 2020: The 42nd Passion Play takes place