Elmers End Free Church Quiz Night

Elmers End were complimented two months ago for organising a very enjoyable quiz night, and they deserve compliments again for their excellent games night that was held in June

It was an evening of FUN. How often do you have evenings of fun? Not just happy evenings, but FUN. The idea of doing fun things in competition with other people who are doing other fun things. It began with a bit of a problem, but the organisers dealt with it in the way that only the English, sorry, British do. Oh – and New Zealanders. Hair was let down, muscles  allowed to ripple, and we were plentifully fed. Emmanuel fielded three teams, one of which was declared the winner at the end of the evening. There must be verses that read ‘The Lord smiles on the street-wise, and blesses all their doings. They shall not go home empty-handed’.

In fact, our participants went home suitably laden with awards, raffle prizes, and warm friendships. Look forward to Elmers End’s next venture. Shakespeare was quoted last time. How about Wordsworth this time? ‘Dull would he be of soul who could pass by’