Jesus lives again, earth can breathe again

Dear Friends

Since I last sat down to write my letter for the April magazine a lot has happened in the world and the headlines have not made optimistic reading. There was the terror attack at the Houses of Parliament and on Westminster Bridge, the chemical weapons attack on civilians, including children, in Syria and the US response. A threat of a new Cold War between the United States and Russia over the shambles that is Syria. Brinkmanship and posturing from North Korea continues with heightened tension in the region and only last night (20th April) another police officer was  callously murdered by a terrorist in the most famous thoroughfare in Paris.

Not much to be cheerful about, all seems doom and gloom. But in the middle of all these depressing news stories we in the Christian Church have celebrated Easter. If the life of Jesus had ended in his judicial murder on what we now call Good Friday then all indeed would be doom and gloom. But despite all that this world and the evil in it did to Jesus – he rose triumphant on that first Easter Sunday.

Faith, hope and love remain for ever. As the hymn writer Fred Kaan put it in the words of the Communion Hymn we sang on Easter Sunday morning –

“Jesus lives again, earth can breathe again,
 pass the word around: loaves abound!”

The message of Easter is a message that the terrors and terrorists of this world will never have the last word. Jesus’ love will never be vanquished. We are called as followers of Christ not to be overcome by the evil in the world but to overcome the world with goodness and love.

The month of May includes Christian Aid Week when we can help to ensure, quoting Fred Kaan again, that “loaves abound” in the parts of the world where food is scarce. Let us support the work of Christian Aid Week as best we can and help spread the love that causes changes for the better in our world.

“Some people think that good work is our vocation.
  Our vocation is the love of Jesus.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)