Christian Aid Week

This month sees our country vote in the General Election. The right to vote is a privilege that we tend to take for granted in the UK and, despite the imperfection of our democratic process with all the pollsters predicting a hung parliament and the uncertainty it brings, I still tend to go along with the observation of Winston Churchill: –

“Democracy is without doubt the worst possible form of government – apart from every other one that has been tried!!”

When we vote in elections people tend to take into consideration what outcome would be best for themselves and this country – during May Christian people in this country turn their attention to improving the lot of people in other countries and what we can do for them. I am referring to Christian Aid Week and I am sure you will support it as you are able. Christian Aid Week is from 10th – 16th May. Grateful thanks go to Angela McKee (our CA           co-ordinator) and all the collectors, not forgetting our Guides who distribute the envelopes around the surrounding area.

Christian Aid seeks to ensure that all people everywhere can have their “Daily Bread.” We pray each time we meet for worship as Jesus taught us, “Give us, this day, our daily bread.” Note the prayer says “US and OUR” not “ME and MINE.” This is the essence of Christian Aid Week – to bring this     section of The Lord’s Prayer to worldwide reality. When the risen Jesus, met his disciple Peter by the Sea of Galilee, he told Peter the way to show his love for him was genuine was to, “Feed his Lambs.”

I am sure Jesus meant that Peter was to take this to heart in the literal and practical sense as well as figurative and spiritual sense. Jesus still says to his Church today, “Feed my Lambs – wherever they are and whoever they are!!”