A Time of Reflection

A good number of people turned up in mid-August to the two discussion sessions about the ‘Scoping Document’. It was sent to the small scoping group who will come to meet us (and then Elmers End Free Church) on Monday 30 September. Reminder: ‘scoping’ means how much ministry we will get when the vacancy is declared. That process proposed two main ways forward: Messy Church and a broad concept of Pastoral Care that includes all who use our premises.

The next stage is to prepare the Pastoral Profile, which is available to any minister considering a move in our direction.  The meetings to consider that will be at 10.30 am and 8 pm on Wednesday 23rd October.

So this is a time of reflection.  How do we respond? What do we hope to achieve?  What are our ideas about the needs of our church – and what thoughts are at the core of what we are about?

How do we imagine that next minister to be?  Ideally? Realistically? What is humanly likely or possible?  How do we balance our thoughts about ourselves as a church with the gifts she or he may have, about which we know nothing at the moment?

Reading this, you may not be on our Vacancy Group – but, you can discuss, you can pray about it, you can contact them.  They are: Ian Moore, Ian Scott, Pat Best, Pippa Dowsett, Sophie Florence, Julie Lord, Wendy Stuart, Bryn Thomas. What is wanted is a good mix: (maybe) differing views melting into one common purpose. Make your views known!

At communion we make a point that we meet around the Lord’s Table, not ours. That applies to everything: it is God’s Kingdom, not ours.  But we so much want to be part of it!