Cub Scout challenge

Today six cubs, Elliott, Thomas, Oliver S, Flynn, Oscar and Aiden, represented the 5th West Wickham cubs in the Cub Scout challenge.

The event was held at Jubilee Park in Petts Wood and the Cubs were competing against other teams across the Bromley district.

There were 13 possible challenges to complete along with a quiz paper. The Cubs started with a memory quiz where they needed to identify objects on a tray that was covered after one minutes observation. They only missed out on recalling one of the objects – so they were off to a flying start!

The next few events followed in quick succession and included building a Jenga tower whilst blindfolded (an event that Thomas excelled at), a toolbox puzzle (where Aiden provided the solution), a wooden ski walk (with Oscar & Flynn working well as a team) and a hoopla (with Elliott starting the scoring off for the team).

The Cubs managed to complete eleven tasks with their final one being the knots – I am so glad I taught them to tie a reef knot and a figure of eight as they achieved four out of a possible six knots. Despite the joking by Dave Kenny, who came to support, they will not be practicing knots for the remainder of the weekend .

Despite a mixed bag of weather the boys enjoyed the tasks, have learnt the importance of working as a team and improved their communication skills so it was a worthwhile event

They now have a agonising wait to find out which team will be awarded with the coveted trophy!