Backwards cooking

After the success of the forwards cooking last week this week the Cubs turned the hand to backwards cooking at Frylands campsite.

The first task was to gather plenty of firewood, which was helped by Jared bringing a large armful of kindling he had collected in advance. Akela demonstrated how to light a fire and the Cubs split into three groups. It was good to have the help of two parents and we must thank Jacks mum and Henry & George’s dad for staying to help. This was possibly our most successful evening of firelighting as we soon had three small fires going.

Whilst the Cubs had been focusing on their fires Baggie had prepared some nice cheesy dough sticks to cook using foil tipped sticks.  Chil stuffed bananas with Mars bar and wrapped them in foil ready to place in the embers.

The Cubs were soon cooking round their fires with most dough sticks ready in ten minutes whilst the bananas cooked away nicely ready for desert. It was fair to say from their faces that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience with some of them coming back for seconds!

The evening was finished off with extinguishing the fires safely and explaining to the Cubs why this was necessary. We think they are looking forward to camp this summer when they can build a nice campfire to sit round with hot chocolate and marshmallows. They will also get the chance to cook the sides for breakfast on Sunday which will complete the badge.