Sunday Services

Sunday and other church services at Emmanuel.
All services are led by visiting preachers whilst we have a vacancy.

Palm Sunday

10.00 am     Messy Church meets in the Richmond Hall
10.30 am     Family service led by the Rev. Bryn Thomas
6.30 pm       Palm Sunday Praise led by Mr. Alan Kienlen, Mr. Ian Verran and the Choir

Where the church is

Here is a reminder of what it means to be God’s church.  Dave Walker has updated his original cartoon to show fewer people on the street. Yes, the church building is great, and meeting in it is great, but also…   The church is wherever its people areCartoon by Dave Walker via ‘We have … Continue reading Where the church is

3rd Sunday in March

10.30 am     Family service with Sacrament of Holy Communion led by  Rev. Bryn Thomas Followed by church meeting  6.30 pm       Evening service led by Mrs. Caryl Phillips (Lay preacher from Addington Methodist Church) … Continue reading 3rd Sunday in March