Quest is a discussion group that usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:15 pm in the James Todd room.


We would be grateful if all those interested would make a note that, as is usual for the holiday period, we will not be holding a Quest Discussion Group during August.  Our next coming together will be at 2.15 pm on Wednesday 18th September and from then on, every third Wednesday in the month unless otherwise noted.  It seems, at the moment, that the third Wednesday in every month suits us better than the second – let’s hope that it does.


In order to get a few more of you coming to the Quest Discussion Group we have decided to move it to the third Wednesday in the month, so our next Quest will be at 2.15 pm for 2.30 pm on Wednesday 17th July – why not come and join us, knowing that anything you say stays within the group.


Today, 12th June, was the first Quest monthly meeting since our minister and friend the Rev. Bill Bowman left Emmanuel – Bill was very much missed but the effect of his leaving was reduced by the brains of those who turned up today vis. Rev. Jack Beeson, Brodie Hunter, Josie Tuersley, Maureen Drury and Yours … Continue reading June


in the James Todd Room. All are welcome to come along and share good conversation and fellowship. Refreshments served. … Continue reading June