Messy Church

Messy Church

Messy Church is a new way of being church and is found across the world.
It is for people of all ages and is based on welcome and hospitality which is why we at Emmanuel eat breakfast together when we meet on Sunday mornings. Other Messy Churches may meet during the week and have a lunch, tea or evening meal together.
Our Messy church usually meet on the first Sunday of each month from 10:00 am till 12:00 noon with breakfast.


Join us at 10.00am for breakfast.  Further details to follow.


This month we met at Sparrow’s Den, Corkscrew Hill.  The weather remained fine allowing us to enjoy a picnic breakfast together.  We played some parachute games and then heard about Jesus teaching the people before crossing the lake for some rest and relaxation with his disciples.  Further games  followed including stomp rockets and football.

May 2017

This week we continued our story of Moses after the Israelites left Egypt and travelled towards the Promised Land. We decorated tins to collect manna and quail, made tents, mini ark of the covenant models and pictures of the 10 commandments. … Continue reading May 2017


The theme for today was choices. We found out about Moses and the choices he made in Egypt. He had to be brave and talk to Pharoah. Pharoah did not listen so there were 10 plagues. … Continue reading March

Christmas past and present

We had a fun morning preparing for Christmas. The hall was divided into two with one half set 2000 years ago. Here we made sheep and cows and had a simple breakfast of dried fruit and bread. We talked about the nativity. In the other half we talked about present day Christmas. We made Christmas … Continue reading Christmas past and present

All Hallows Eve

Today we found out about the origins of Halloween and learnt about “All Souls Day”. Instead of our usual breakfast we enjoyed pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins. We brought pictures of people we knew who had died and talked about them and how we could remember them. … Continue reading All Hallows Eve

Saints alive

Our theme this month was about saints. Today (4/9/2016) Mother Theresa of Calcutta officially became “Saint Theresa”. We concentrated mainly on the “home” saints – St George, St David, St Andrew and St Patrick. This involved lots of paint!   … Continue reading Saints alive

July Messy Church

In July we don’t run a separate Messy Church, but instead had the family Scout and Guide Parade service. This was followed by our annual BBQ with bouncy castle, games and fund raising tables to support our overseas mission charity which this year is the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. … Continue reading July Messy Church