Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Written address from our stand in Minister

Encourage one another

Dear Friends,

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:v11

It was so encouraging to attend your first Church Meeting since Bill’s retirement and to find you all in such good heart. The amazing send-off for Bill on 2nd June was still fresh in your minds and I have to congratulate you on putting together such a splendid occasion for him and Marion.

The time between Bill’s ministry and that of your next minister gives you an opportunity to reflect on the attributes you have as a church and those you will be hoping to find in a minister in the future. The time of vacancy is not to be regarded as a time in limbo, but a time to build on Bill’s legacy and accentuate the positives – of which Emmanuel has a great many!

This church has a life of its own which continues and goes forward with or without a minister. It is a worshipping, proclaiming and serving community. Each and every one of us has a ministry to perform and we all more than ever need to make our individual contributions to the life of the church and the work it does in the community and beyond. Obviously there are countless ways which will vary depending on our circumstances and our gifting but no-one is exempt. As Bryn suggested at your Church Meeting, sometimes just being present is enough! Sometimes a word of thanks and encouragement is all that’s needed. So many of you already contribute in multiple and different ways and your support is truly appreciated. Those who have been elected to leadership roles need to feel the support and appreciation of their fellow church members, particularly in the coming months. So please keep up the good work and let us all pull together to make Emmanuel a happy, vibrant, forward-looking church where everyone makes a contribution.

Emmanuel’s vacancy group is holding its first meeting on Wednesday 3rd July and consists of the following people: Ian Scott, Ian Moore, Pat Best, Pippa Dowsett, Sophie Florence, Julie Lord, Wendy Stuart and Bryn Thomas.  If you have any particular comments or suggestions, please pass them on to any member of the vacancy group.

Hilary Miles—Interim Moderator


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