5th West Wickham Cubs

Cub and Brownie Gang Show

Not to be missed the Cub and Brownie Gang Show

scheduled for Saturday,12th December at 7 pm.  All welcome.  Free entry with a collection for charity at the end.

Ready steady cook competition

On Sunday 15th November four Cubs, Elliott, Evelyn, Aiden and Ben along with Baggie, represented 5th West Wickham in the Bromley district Ready Steady cook competition. The Cubs were better organised than Baggie as she forgot matches to light the cookers and couldn’t find any washing up bowls so the Cubs had to make do … Continue reading Ready steady cook competition

Cub camp 2015

On Saturday 4th July at 8:30am the Cubs started gathering at Downe Scout Camp for our annual camp with the hope that the sun would shine all weekend. The first thing to do was to ensure the “Baggies bucket” was full of goodies to keep both the Cubs and the leaders happy ! The Cubs … Continue reading Cub camp 2015

Backwards cooking

After the success of the forwards cooking last week this week the Cubs turned the hand to backwards cooking at Frylands campsite. The first task was to gather plenty of firewood, which was helped by Jared bringing a large armful of kindling he had collected in advance. Akela demonstrated how to light a fire and … Continue reading Backwards cooking

Forwards cooking

On Friday evening the cubs undertook some inventive cooking by making a “bum” sandwich and some “armpit” fudge!  Whilst they were initially shocked by the idea of putting their bottoms on their sandwich the results were good fun. If you want to try it just Google it and you will find a link to a … Continue reading Forwards cooking

Cub Scout challenge

Today six cubs, Elliott, Thomas, Oliver S, Flynn, Oscar and Aiden, represented the 5th West Wickham cubs in the Cub Scout challenge. The event was held at Jubilee Park in Petts Wood and the Cubs were competing against other teams across the Bromley district. There were 13 possible challenges to complete along with a quiz paper. … Continue reading Cub Scout challenge